Landlords & Tenants

Cleaning standards can be a source of conflict between landlords and tenants. The problem often lies in defining a standard which is fair, transparent and meets the expectations of both parties.

Disputes lead to:

  • Delays in re-letting the property and associated loss of income for the landlord
  • Delays in settling / returning deposits
  • Hassle all round

PlymClean addresses these issues by offering an independent standard which both parties can agree on. Landlords and tenants are protected by a 100% No Quibble Guarantee so any issues are dealt with by PlymClean allowing landlord and tenant to quickly come to a settlement. PlymClean can arbitrate between landlord and tenant – both parties agree that the Myhome standard is the agreed standard and we can quickly determine whether or not this has been achieved should the tenant opt to clean the property themselves or appoint an alternative cleaning company.

PlymClean believe we can help the Landlord get higher rents plus get the Tenant more chance of their deposit back.

Landlords and agents are increasingly faced with dirty properties at the check-out stage. Many tenants fail to leave their property in the same condition and are often very surprised when they are told that professional cleaning is required.

78% of Landlords reported the most common factor for withholding deposits was to pay for cleaning costs after the tenant had left.

July and August is the busiest period for tenancy deposit returns, with university students moving out of their rented properties – and it’s quite often students that face the biggest obstacles when getting their deposit back.

Tenants can avoid having any of the deposit withheld by ensuring the property is clean. Tenants are often shocked to realise that professional cleaning can cost anything from £15 to £25 per hour depending on the area and type of work required. ‘Some tenants claim that cleaning issues are just normal wear and tear but the simple answer is that if an area or item was clean at check in it should be left clean at check out. If something can be cleaned then it should be.

Also regular cleaning of the communal areas on a monthly or term time basis can also ultimately reduce the final cleaning bill and help maintain the general appearance of the property for both Landlord & Tenant.

By using PlymClean Cleaners we can provide an official certificate of cleaning for the Landlord pre tenants moving in or for the Tenants when they move out.

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